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picnic, part deuxToo cute.Acroyoga!Untitledsnoozing

No trip to Toronto is complete without a trip to the islands. Steve and I met up with a few good friends and took the ferry out for a scrumptious picnic spread on the grass, a little afternoon walk through Franklin’s garden, a snooze, some spontaneous acroyoga and topped it off with a refreshing dip in the lake (too bad we didn’t have time to ride The Scrambler a la Take This Waltz). We love that the island feels like such a Torontonian thing – it hardly feels like a tourist attraction. And no matter how squeezy the ferry gets, it never feels crowded when you get there.

In case you missed it, check out our past trips to Toronto Island. And here are the rest of our photos from other parts of our trip home to Canada: Barrie & Collingwood, Stubbs Falls, Toronto and our backyard soiree.