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Hello again! I’m sorry I was MIA all of last week – I’ve been busy trying to figure a few of those large life things (those can be such a pain sometimes right?). Anyhow, I am back… with snippets of two weekends! Last weekend, I took the zumster swimming, made zucchini “pasta” (which surprisingly, Steve loved!) and some disaster donuts (Singapore’s weather did not agree with my dough which melted the instant it was touched – so I saved these by pumping them full of cold chocolate ganache) and we worked on twine cans for the brother’s wedding.

This past weekend, we had yummy lunch at Tiong Bahru market on Saturday, built the zumster a little living room fort with some old sheets, lazed around the rest of the day and then, tried to watch a movie in bed while it poured outside (but of course, I could not for the life of me stay awake long enough to even pick a movie). On Sunday, we went for an early climb, then to an acroyoga jam where we made some new friends, got pretty muddy and had an awesome time mucking around in the rain. Good times!