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This year, our advent calendar is a little Christmas tree with DIY hanging ornaments that hold a bite-size portion of yummy treats. The boxes are wrapped and decorated with washi tape and outfitted with numbered stickers and a generous dusting of glitter. So pretty and sparkly! Also, perfect for people who live in smaller spaces – you can outfit with a strand of fairy lights and it’s both a Christmas tree and an advent calendar! Untitled

Here’s the how-to: 

You’ll Need: 
1. Little containers – they can be square, round or any shape you like (I used round plastic ones – the kind people use to hold their prescriptions).
2. Washi tape – a variety of colours and patterns*
3. Small treats – you can place these directly in the container or put them in clear plastic bags.
4. Ribbons for hanging
5. Number stickers or a nice marker
6. Platform for hanging (I used a mini Christmas tree – if you don’t have one, this is a cute, inexpensive idea).

If you want them sparkly:
7. Spray adhesive
8. Glitter – the finer the grain, the better. Also, for ease of sprinkling, I like to use a container with holes at the top (kind of like a spice container), that way the hands stay somewhat clean!

*You might also be able to use patterned/wrapping paper and the spray adhesive but I find it’s pretty tricky trying to get paper to sit right around the edges of round containers… but it might work with square ones!


1. Using washi tape, outfit the top and sides of the containers, making sure to get the edges nice and flat.
2. Stick on a numbered sticker or write it on using a marker.


3. If dusting with glitter, lay newspaper and get ready glitter and glue. If not, skip to step 6.
4. Lightly spray the containers with one light coat of adhesive. Immediately sprinkle glitter onto the containers (You can separate into piles like I did if you’re using multiple glitter colours).
5. Leave to dry.


6. Fill containers with sweet treats.
7. Place a ribbbon on top and snap the lid shut, making sure the number on the lid is aligned with the ribbon.
8. If you like, you can outfit the boxes with little bows and string.
9. Hang on tree and enjoy!!

For DIY advent calendars made in past years, see here and here. For other advent ideas, see here.