Folks, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Since the last time I posted, my husband and I went on a whirlwind, month long trip around Europe. We traveled across 3 countries, 7 cities/regions, visited museums, wandered through winding city streets, drove on crazy mountainous roads, jumped waves in the atlantic, climbed up and down steep hills and had the time of our lives.

Not long after, we got pregnant and after 10 months of a fairly easy and pleasant pregnancy (minus the last few weeks of just wanting to be done with it), welcomed our little baby boy to the world. Now, we are navigating this surprising, overwhelming, crazy and joy-filled life as new parents to a beautiful (almost) 8 month old.

So you see, a lot has happened. And I would love to go back and tell you all about it sometime. But for now, Happy New Year, everyone! And here’s to catching up… and new beginnings!