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Hello there.

I am a lady (or at least, I try to be) in my twenties, currently living on the sunny little island of Singapore with my husband Stephen, our little babe Oscar and our furry family, Yogurt and Oreo. By day, I am a stay at home mom, a part-time yoga teacher and creator and baker at Little Things Bakeshop. By night, I am a serial cuddler and firm believer in body pillows.

Whim and Wanderlust was started in 2008 as a space for me to share inspiring, happy and curious things; it also documents snippets of my personal life like our weddingour travels and even weekend shenanigans and is now also a place for me to record and share my thoughts and experiences of being a new mama.

Some of my favorite things in life are chunky baby thighs and cheeks, thunderstorms, cuddles and kisses in bed with my boys, playing in the snow, my trusty guitar, ocean swells and swims, handstands, Game of Thrones, avocado and corn salad, bath time with the bubs and cups of hot honey tea.

Also, I really like email and you can say hello at whim.wanderlust (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks so much for stopping by, I am delighted you are here!

Courtesy: All photos on this blog are taken by me unless otherwise credited. Please do not share, copy or use photos of my family without permission. Also, please make sure to credit any photos or posts shared and to link back to the original blog post on this site.


3 thoughts on “Introductions”

  1. serahur said:

    i absolutely love your blog, especially all the details of your wedding! it is so nice to see DIY in singapore, as a fellow expat-and-diy-lover i’ve found it hard to do here! cheers and look forward to more posts!


    • sheralyn said:

      Hi Sera! Thanks so much for your too kind words – I’ll definitely try to keep the DIY posts coming!

  2. DorothyDeerest said:

    Hey Deer Friend! I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award, Check It out here:

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